Adultery – Dante Colle & Ryder Monroe

Every morning you wake up beside your husband. You bite your lip and you smile. ‘I love you,’ you tell him, knowing very well you’ve betrayed him. Adultery is among the most private taboos. It’s not the kind of thing you shout to the world, especially if that other someone is your brother-in-law. It’s a secret you dig deep, deep inside. If you’ve ever cheated on someone you really love, it can haunt you for the rest of your life. But, not for everyone… For Ryder Monroe, cheating on her husband is nothing. If anything, Ryder craves the thrill of betrayal; of almost getting caught. She loves having sex with her brother-in-law Dante Colle, mostly because it’s forbidden. While she’s fucking him, she imagines her husband walking in on them and she cums even harder. Maybe it’s just a cry for attention, maybe deep down she craves nothing more than having her husband see her… it’s been so long since he’s really seen her. – Between The Sheets – S32:E4 added to

Nubile Films - Between The Sheets - S32:E4

Nubile FilmsBetween The Sheets – S32:E4

featuring Anya Krey and Choky Ice.

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Jun 14, 2019


Anya Krey wakes up between the sheets with her boyfriend Choky Ice getting nice and handsy. She enjoys the warmth for a few moments, then rolls onto her back in an implicit request for more. Choky is happy to deliver, sliding his hand into Anya’s panties as his soft lips seek out her nipples to suck them into tight little peaks.

Sliding down Anya’s body, Choky makes himself at home between her thighs. His tongue follows the path his hands have blazed, lapping at the silky sweetness between. Lifting one leg high to invite Choky’s continued ministration, Anya lets her head fall back as she enjoys the attention.

Never one to receive without giving in return, Anya waits until Choky has left her trembling and then gets to her knees in front of him. She pulls his hardon close, sampling the length with mouth and hands alike. Leaning in, she sucks him down as deep as she can to fully satisfy her urges.

Choky eventually urges Anya to turn around, still on her knees, and lean forward. Rubbing his hands all over Anya’s ass, Choky enjoys the plump cushion as he lines himself up for ramming speed. Then he slides on in, enjoying the opening salvo of their coupling before picking up the pace to give it to Anya so hard and fast she finds herself with her back pressed against his chest.

Rolling onto her side, Anya lifts one thigh high so Choky can stay buried inside her tight twat. He spoons behind her, offering deep penetration with every thrust. The new position lets his hand sneak to Anya’s clit so he can rub the sensitive nub as he brings her home.

Anya isn’t done with just one release. She climbs onto Choky’s fuck stick and seats herself back onto his erection. Working her hips in a sensual rhythm, she sets a pace designed for her pleasure as Choky explores her slim curves with his big hands. Leaning forward, Anya lets Choky take his turn thrusting as she indulges in a deep, sexy kiss. Then she turns around and goes from low and slow to fast and furious in reverse cowgirl.

Rolling onto her back with her head propped against the headboard, Anya closes her eyes in sheer bliss as Choky gives it to her in one last position. She’s still trembling from her final climax as Choky pulls out and lays down so she can resume sucking. Anya licks her own juices off Choky’s dick with every evidence of pleasure, then keeps on slurping away until he gives her the mouthful of cum she’s been working towards.

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