Why I Like Porn.

Skin Diamond - Blowjob

Skin Diamond – Blowjob

  1. I like to look at pictures, especially at pictures that arouse me.
  2. Porn is inspiring and makes me want to try out things I didn’t try before. If that would not be possible for whatever reason, at least it gives my fantasy something to play with. It even can make my real sex life better.
  3. There are few things more beautiful than watching attractive people having sex; people are not meant to kill each other nor to hide their beauty: so (good) porn has always a feeling of Utopia.
  4. Because of that last reason there is still an inherent subversive message in porn: the world could be a better place, and there is a possibility of satisfaction (the naive sister of redemption). That’s the reason why porn is banned in so many countries, thus supporting porn becomes a political meaning.
  5. I regard porn as secular mirror of sacral art: both arts try to depict things ‘beyond expression’, both depict these in countless variations – and both are failing (you will always get an idea of the depicted events, but never get the real experience), but both give this idea of a better world, the one in a spiritual, the other in a carnal way.

Just to sum up a few reasons that are less obvious. Why do you like porn?
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Why, oh why?

Skin Diamond

Skin Diamond

I assume the reader of this posting being interested in pornography. This is usually nothing we blare at our first date, something we’re neither telling our boss nor mom. But here we are between ourselves: so, what do you like in pornography and why do you like it? (And don’t tell me it’s not porn but art!) I’ll tell you my reasons tonight. So?
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