Sometimes Tumblr screws me up: there’s this really useful Queue functionality, and it sometimes doesn’t work, say: once in a month. No big deal. But I would at least expect that it would run again a few hours or at least a day later. Nope. For three days not a single of my images got published. No restart of the affected service, nothing. Rats!

And don’t get me started on this “We’ll be back shortly thing”.


Oh wow, so much awareness today! 🙂 Welcome, followers! Take off your pants and make yourself at home! If you want to know what it’s all about and what I’m doing here (and why), just read my little manifesto.

RIM vs. Indonesia

Indonesia again. Their Minister of Communication and Information urges RIM (Research in Motion), the provider of Blackberry services in Indonesia (and other coutries like Saudi-Arabia and India), to build up a comprehensive censorship infrastructure. Otherwise RIM will go out of service. And once again it’s about protection of the population against bad, bad porn sites. After all everybody knows that porn makes your brains fuzzy, will induce bad thoughts, makes you an offend comon decency. To keep it short: if you want to get to know a country, look like it’s dealing with porn. Autocratic regimes are afraid of pornography: all of them.

1st One

The nice thing with maintaining a naughty blog isn’t just being busy with that nice content – sexy people doing sexy things. It’s the single contact here and then, a ‘like’ here, a new follower there… You follow their links and find similar patterns of interest. A trivial circumstance, especially at Tumblr, you might think, but I still like that and it’s amazing me. And sometimes you even meet these sexy people you even didn’t know they would exist. Thanks for touching my sphere – it would make my nipples hard if they would be big enough. 🙂
If anybody has a special wish – just tell me. I’ll see what I can do. And feel free to ‘like’ and grab what you want. It’s one of the reasons why I’m here.

Dear Friends and Followers:

Thank you for following and visiting my dirty little blog. I’d like to give everybody a hug (or do other bad things to you), but unfortunately this is not possible. Anyway, have a happy and horny new year, watch and learn from the content I’m presenting here, and most of all: keep it up, keep it safe!