Data Analysis: Grunge

And here’s another very popular post that I’ve found at “Grunge here” aka “sedistic-eyes”. No porn at all, but the analysis is interesting. Let’s have a look at the statistics:

  •  4742) wewereborntobealone               24  0.08 %
  •  ::
  •  4772) p-s-ychotic                       67  0.22 %
  •  4773) lunarata                          76  0.25 %
  •  4774) vi0lettae                         83  0.27 %
  •  4775) intoxicatedadolescence            86  0.28 %
  •  4776) toxic-ponies                      88  0.29 %
  •  4777) departured                        99  0.33 %
  •  4778) tierdropp                        110  0.36 %
  •  4779) richyxc93                        131  0.43 %
  •  4780) jawshross                        144  0.48 %
  •  4781) its-realistic                    156  0.52 %
  •  4782) haunted-runaway                  193  0.64 %
  •  4783) sedistic-eyes                    216  0.71 %
  •  4784) crystvllized                     223  0.74 %
  • Posted by wewereborntobealone


wewereborntobealone posted this, was 24 times reblogged, while the much more popular sedistic-eyes found 216 reblogs. And even this was topped by crystvllized with 223 reblog notes. sedistic-eyes: that’s “.courtney . 15 . new zealand . fashion . music. justinbieber.” Makes you think, no?

Data Analysis: Allysa and Jennifer

Another rather popular post, and also you surely would like to get quoted by everybody, becoming a Tumblr personality and stuff. Let’s see what happened here. You might remember that I’ve written a little tool that’s able to analyze the notes section at the end of a posting, thus providing us some statistics about the multipliers of posts and trends on this platform. Here are the results (last 8 lines) for the posting in the screenshot:

  •   111) adultsexgifs                                    9  0.81 %
  •   112) dirtymindofchaosghost                   9  0.81 %
  •   113) soyouthinkyoucanfuck                  11  0.99 %
  •   114) fuckyeahchinawhites                     13  1.17 %
  •   115) bigboobiesbasement                     18  1.63 %
  •   116) i-was-masturbating-when-i           21  1.90 %
  •   117) itsexclusive                                   42  3.79 %
  •   118) textmesomethingdirty                   71  6.41 %
  • posted by adultsexgifs

What does that mean? We’re looking at the most popular “reblogged from” notes from that posting. textmesomethingdirty was reblogged most of the time, 71 times precisely, that’s 6.41 percent of all notes. adultsexgifs, who was posting first, was reblogged only 9 times: though he(?) was the origin of that posting, others were quoted much more often.

Data Analysis: Explicit

And now for a somewhat more explicit picture (not yet hard, but also no longer softcore): Oil’s posting has more than 800 notes, but only few reposts by a rather small number of bloggers has happened. Here’s the end of the multiplier list for this posting:

  • thedirtydoctor 11
  • justsexypics 16
  • oursecretside 16
  • will100 16
  • i-will-call-you-sir 20
  • enjoyingtheviews 31
  • sexual-feelings 37

Compared with the results of the mainstream postings I’ve shown in my last two posts these numbers are really tiny. Number two, enjoyingtheviews (pinup, softcore, hardcore mix, only little messy stuff, male owner) has been reblogged 31 times, and the winner, sexual-feelings (hardcore images, sex advising) isn’t much more popular.
Interested? Send me the links to your most popular postings or postings that made you gasp (not because of their content but the number of their notes), and I’ll analyze them.

Data Analysis: Another One

And here’s another popular image that catched the attention of many people. Over 5000 notes – wow! So who are the mulipliers and the influential blogs others are reblogging from? My little program says (omiting all values below 30):

  • bitchimfromlansing 30
  • fe-malesftw 31
  • stillllugly 31
  • lesboflow 38
  • secretvillain 40
  • enchanted-l-o-v-e 59
  • justify-sexy 68
  • lovesmisery 124
  • hotphotography 128
  • imgfave 158

At least one old acquaintance is here (if you have read my recent entry), but let’s start with lovesmisery: the eclectic mixture of pretty women, design, awakening sexuality, definitely a young woman’s blog. Keep that in mind if you want to go mainstream, this mixture seems to be very successful! We’ve met hotphotography before: here even more people reblogged that photo from him. hotphotography is – at least for aesthetic photography in the ‘beauty and fashion’ style – an important multiplier.
And the winner is: imgfave. In so far interesting as this blog has the least personality compared with the others. It’s one of these sites that offer something for everybody (mostly harmless), and that you want to visit for searching inspiration. imgfave is the lowest common denominator, everybody’s darling, but without a soul. A somewhat sobering insight.
Stay tuned, next posting coming soon.

Data Analysis: Intro

Have you ever wondered how an image like this could get 1500+ notes on Tumblr? I have, because I want to understand how information flows on this platform, who the multipliers are, whose contributions receive the biggest attention. One step to answer these questions is data analysis. D’oh, are you kidding? This is a porn blog! Yes, but a porn blog for thinking people. So let’s get started.
Data analysis. So what data are we using here? It’s the notes that are summed up for each entry in your stream and that were reaching a value of 1,639 for the stocking lady at the moment I was taking this screenshot. This number condenses all ‘likes’ and ‘reposts’ messages for that photo. The ‘likes’ won’t help us much, but looking at the “blogger2 reblogged this from blogger1” are the important ones, because the more people repost blogger1’s stuff, the more influential is blogger1. Savvy?
Now could you press the “show more notes” link until your fingers are bleeding and then count all “reblogged from” notes, building small heaps for each quoted blogger. Boring, isn’t it? But you have a friend: it’s your computer. I’ve written a small piece of code that does this boring stuff: press the link and count the repost notes. And print out the list of influential tumblr bloggers. Here are the most important for the picture above, showing the blog’s name and the number of “reblogged from” notes for them:

  • girls-sounds-colors 23
  • justify-sexy 25
  • stockingssexy 30
  • d-epresion 34
  • idontwantsex 36
  • everythingyoulovetohate 42
  • justmakemescream 74
  • hotphotography 75

That means: if your posting is getting hotphotography’s attention, then chances are big that you’ll reach a lot of other bloggers, because that photo from above was reblogged 75 times from hotphotography! Hotphotography is rather eclectic, reaching from design to beautiful women. That’s a currency of value on this platform. justmakemescream is similar, the repetition of posts is a bit strange, but it was the source of 74 other bloggers who reblogged the stocking lady from there. Also everythingyoulovetohate works with a similar pattern of content (ladies and design). idontwantsex is finally showing nude content, but is far less influential than the other more mainstreamed blogs. The stockingssexy blog, the only specialized one in this list, is lagging far behind.
Interested in the code? Want to discuss? Drop me a line or increase my ‘note’ counter. I’m going to continue this examination with more pornographic content, so we’ll see who are the big porn players at Tumblr.