For Tumblrettes

This could be of importance for adult tumblr blog owners!

This is one of the first changes I’ve got aware of since a couple of weeks. I’m not visiting the custom section of my tumblr too often, and this change seems to be rather new. Perhaps a first step towards age verification and a porn barrier.

Now we have the choice of declaring our porn blogs as ‘nsfw’ and ‘substantially’ adult. Ho-hum. I would issue no critcism on this, but when you’re following the Learn more about what this means link, you’re learning that the adult flag makes your blog invisible for Google! Not nice!

So if you want to tag your porn tumblr correctly, you will have to select the options as seen in screenshot 2 (anything else won’t make you able to check the ‘adult blog’ radio button).

Really, I appreciate this policy. But preventing the biggest search engine from indexing my blog definitely sucks. And there are certainly more nuances between occasional nudity and bukkake blogs.

Please tag your blog accordingly! I would say your blog is ‘adult’ even if you’re sharing a blowjob image once a month. The key word is ‘nudity’. A blowjob, even an erect member, is no nudie picture, it’s already porn, or, as they say, ‘substantial nudity’. It would be a pity if you would lose it because of a missing selection. At least you don’t give those new owners a simple reason for closing your blog.

A more elaborate post about self-censorship will be following soon.

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Kropotkinskaya Station: Yahoo's Ponzi Scheme

Kropotkinskaya Station: Yahoo’s Ponzi Scheme

Yahoo Buys Tumblr

In the light of recent events.




– Let’s try and get 100k notes

True shit
A review by one of the folks sums it up perfectly:
“What worries me about Yahoo! buying Tumblr is how it would choose to incorporate the website into its email and homepage features.  One of the reasons why Tumblr is so unique is because it’s a niche market.  By adding more users who don’t fit into this niche, it would make it more difficult for communities to develop within Tumblr, and Tumblr would have to change to accommodate these new users.  Tumblr as a website is not the kind that you can sign up for in a day and be on your way.  It is a website crafted so that you can immediately post but must spend several weeks, sometimes even months, to build a community.  With new users who would not be willing to spend time growing a community, Tumblr would have to be changed, which would alienate its current users.  Those users have spent time and effort to make Tumblr what it is today, and they are the ones who spend time on the website daily.  A user who is checking onto Tumblr because it’s attached to their homepage is not going to be as strong of a user nor as dedicated.  By changing the website to suit this new user, you would lose the strong users while building an undedicated usership.
To any website that would think of buying Tumblr, they must understand that it is a website that cannot be changed to make it more user friendly to a casual blogger.  I think that many Tumblr users would be less worried about a buy-out if they were promised that their communities and ways of using Tumblr would not be changed.  No one is going to mind Yahoo! buying the website and gaining a few extra million dollars per year from the minimal advertising; what we will be upset with is if a company like Yahoo! then changes the website to increase casual users and decrease dedicated users.  Yahoo! would gain nothing by losing this “cool” group of bloggers in an age group they so desperately want to reach, so they must cater to these individuals by leaving the website exactly as is.” – houseoftombombadil

As much as is does sound like a load of bullshit for someone to buy Tumblr, it’s a possibility.  I Personally think it should stay independent and I hope David Karp keeps a hold of it like his own child. Or we make enough noise to where such major changes (if bought) will not happen. I would hate to see Tumblr turned into an advertising dump.
We’re not a ‘hip fad group’ to be marketed to. I hate the fact that’s all we look like to businesses in the end.

im laughing because every single comment on that article says its a terrible idea. not one person agrees and that’s saying something