The Secret Treasure

The kink started early. I popped my porn cherry when I was nine years old.

There was this cabinet in the cellar, a shoe box inside. I discovered it one day, always curious as I was (and still am). This discovery opened the mirror to a strange wonderland: naked grown-ups doing things I’ve never seen before. Porn magazines. Sex, rough and unprettified. Most of them in full colour, many of them in four languages. (Image: One of my very first porn magazines, Private #25)

I wasn’t prepared for this, it made me shiver with excitement.

I was a boy at the age of nine when porn got hooked me ever since. I was still in a pre-masturbatory phase of my life, and in the first years I enjoyed porn just by watching the photos. I didn’t understand anything: why these people did what they did and what their emotions were. But what I’ve understood was that something meaningful was happening here. Something that happened in secret places, hidden from the public. And something that was rewarded with a climax and complete satisfaction – concepts that were unknown to me at that time.

Several years later, being crossed in love, being pubescent to the roots of my hair, I deliberately massaged my member for the first time. With the pictures in my mind and that small blots sloshing on the floor, I finally understood.

What was your first porn encounter? How did it feel? Send it my way, would love to see what you come up with.

Stay curious!

Community systems research at Yahoo!

Community systems research at Yahoo!

Cameron cracks down on 'corroding influence' of online pornography

Cameron cracks down on ‘corroding influence’ of online pornography

That's okay

Ooooookay, Tumblr! No nsfw / adult differentiation, help texts were changing to the old status back and these rules are valid now:

  • Blogs will not appear in Tumblr’s search and discovery features for logged-out users
  • Blogs will not appear in Tumblr’s search and discovery features for logged-in users browsing in Safe Mode
  • Blogs will only appear in Tumblr’s mobile search and discovery features for users who are already following you

(All rules are published here.)

I can live with that. We’re friends again. I was able to make my tumblr for searches available, again. robots.txt looks good.


No, it's not okay.

[Update, considering point 3: I’m taking everything back and claim the exact opposite. See next post.]

Points 1 and 2 are understandable. 3 is a lie, to say the least. I wouldn’t regard my blog as ‘spammy commercial porn site’, but they’ve changed its robots.txt which says now Disallow: / to all search engines. The blurb in Tumblr’s help pages is clearer and less confusing. There is still a clean-up campaign putting porn blogs into sort of a ghetto.



1. Last year, we added “Safe Mode” which lets you filter out NSFW content from tag and search pages. […]

2. Some search terms are blocked (returning no results) in some of our mobile apps. […] The reason you see innocent tags like #gay being blocked on certain platforms is that they are still frequently returning adult content which our entire app was close to being banned for. The solution is more intelligent filtering […].

3. Earlier this year, in an effort to discourage some not-so-nice people from using Tumblr as free hosting for spammy commercial porn sites, we started delisting this tiny subset of blogs from search engines like Google. This was never intended to be an opt-in flag, but for some reason could be enabled after checking off NSFW → Adult in your blog settings. This was confusing and unnecessary, so we’ve dropped the extra option. If your blog contains anything too sexy for the average workplace, simply check “Flag this blog as NSFW” so people in Safe Mode can avoid it. Your blog will still be promoted in third-party search engines.

Aside from these fixes, there haven’t been any recent changes to Tumblr’s treatment of NSFW content, and our view on the topic hasn’t changed. Empowering your creative expression is the most important thing in the world to us. Making sure people aren’t surprised by content they find offensive is also incredibly important and we are always working to put more control in your hands.

Exit Strategy

Vanishing porn blogs, a changed Tumblr policy, a lot of rants: here and on many other places you were witnessing the displeasure of porn- and regular blog owners. I’m thinking of a solution that will make this blog available and viewable again, and I’ve got an idea. More about this soon, give me some more hours for fine tuning.
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